CRYSPOM VII / 2021 : 7th International Workshop on CRYStallization in POrous Media



In view of the COVID-19 developments, we will postpone our workshop to June next year.
We currently plan to schedule the workshop in the week of 7-11 June 2021, during which the keynote lecturers can be present.
We will work now with the university services on the rescheduling of the event. We'll update the website once an exact planning can be confirmed.



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SWBSS2021 -  Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures


SWBSS 2021 is the 5th edition of the conference series “Salt Weathering of Buildings and Stone Sculptures”, started in 2008. Previous editions were held in Copenhagen (2008), Limassol (2011), Brussel (2014) and Potsdam (2017). 

SWBSS2021 will be held at the Delft University of Technology (Delft, The Netherlands) on 22 - 24 September 2021.

The conference aims to bring together conservators, restorers, engineers, architects, academics, students and experienced researchers and to contribute thereby to the promotion of research and development within the field of salt weathering of porous materials.

The main topics of the conference are the following:

  • Environmental aspects related to salt sources
  • Transport phenomena and salt crystallisation
  • Measurement techniques
  • Desalination techniques
  • Conservation issues
  • Case studies